Tuesday, 3 January 2012

a little list

On one of my favourite blogs, the splendid and quick witted Karin published a question-answer list that I quite liked, no questions like "album of the year" or any nonsense like that. So, I thought I would just jot down some points on my 2011. Hope I can refrain from paraphrasing Karin too much, because some of her answers are so well put and recognizable. 
here goes.

1. Did you do something this year that you hadn't done before?
but of course! Sailed on a yacht, saw Klimt's "Kiss" behind the glass, visited new places, got a job that I really really like.

2. did you keep any of your New Year's resolutions?
didn't make any in the first place, so, definitely, I've kept them all ;)
3. did anyone close toy you die this year?
No, thankfully.

4. which countries did you visit?
For the first time - Slovakia, Austria. Again and again - Denmark. 

5. what made you feel good?
so many things, being with my loved ones, traveling, doing nothing, being busy, sunsets, sunrises, cold mojitos and warm cocoa. the lot.

6. did you miss something that you want to have next year?
jah, the usual - better health, more money, more and better romance.

7. biggest success.
probably the job that I am happy to go to and glad to talk about.

8. biggest mistake.
placing too high hopes on people and on self, that (of course) leads to disappointment.

9. have you been sick and/or injured yourself?
I've had a couple of traditional colds and struggled along with long-term conditions.

10. best purchase.
plane tickets? 

11. what did you spend most of your money on?
probably traveling, practical household expenses. 

12. did something make you really happy?
the small things, the little things, the things from Q #5

13. what songs will remind you of this year?
various songs by Nik & Jay, Sara Bareilles and Burhan G, not necessarily all from 2011.

14. were you happier or sadder compared to the year before?
happier, so much happier.

15. what do you wish you had done more of?
could have taken better care of myself, practically. planned things better.

16. what do you wish you had done less of?
shouldn't have daydreamed quite so much probably.

17. favourite tv show.
the old favourites - friends for millionth time, it crowd, black books, desperate housewives. almost all non-current.

18. something you wished for and got for your birthday?
didn't actually wish for anything particular, but got a lovely time with friends, some flowers and some nice presents.

19. what did you do on your birthday?
went to work and had a quiet dinner with friends in the evening.

20. is there anything that could make your life even better?
here I have to steal Karin's answer - yes, but those things are not (at least not entirely) up to me.

21. your style this year.
hmm, style? slightly bohemian comfort with a touch of the quirky.

22. which celeb have you been most keen on? *a bit poor wording here
hehe, I have always been a bit keen on Nik & Jay I guess. there, I said it!

23. whom did you miss?
sometimes someone I shouldn't be missing. sometimes my good friends who live far away.

24. motto of the year.
this is difficult, don't have any, retrospectively - be grateful and embrace.

25. obsession of the year.
gelato and beauty blogs.

26. the best film.
I've seen quite many films this year.. King's Speech was great. Midnight in Paris - painfully enchanting.

27. biggest news.
I don't pursue news, just can't escape. all the horrible things were quite big this year, but I rather want to remember something good.

28. the trend of the year.
I am really NOT the person to know about trends. have no clue. my trend this year was more colour in appearance. quite loved it.

29. the biggest fear
health things, age things, the flow of time. but I want to work past those and just embrace life.

30. what do you want to make of next year?
I want to have another great year. to experience, discover, achieve, enjoy, improve, taste, feel, smell, touch, see and hear. I want to travel somewhere I've never been before (maybe even 2 somewheres), meet people I have not met for a while. Do something I enjoy, get better at things, be free, inspired and happy. I want so much! and somehow I believe that it is all possible. not because it is 2012, but because it is this moment, this place in my life.


  1. I spent most of my money on travel this year too - travel and doctor's appointments! I prefer the former :)

    1. doctor's appointments are a pain... I much prefer splurging on travel as well :)