Monday, 10 October 2011

one woman's struggle with Dior - or - getting the executive groove on

We go way back - Copenhagen and I, we've been casual about it, infatuated, giving each other the silent treatment, falling desperately into each others arms, you know, the lot. I have always had that "butterflies in the tummy" feeling when getting ready for a date with Copenhagen, I have been obsessing and plotting agendas. this weekend date however  was all fun, no clingy thoughts, no demands "like me, want me, desire me Copenhagen, I did my make up just for you". instead I did my make up for me, for me only, and we had a date, just had some fun, some chai latte and it was good. a date when you just relax and enjoy the feeling of everything just being as it has to be. because you are destined for each other, no agendas, no checklists, just being in the moment. Copenhagen took me by the hand and smiled its wickedly charming smile.
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and what do you do after a good date? yes, you go berserk in the duty free shopping area at the airport. or at least I did. now I am a proud owner of Clinique "eye definition" set and a set of Dior miniatures - delightful little buggers, as on the picture. 
I do love miniature perfumes, even though you have to risk it - sometimes some of the little bottles are not meant to be opened. luckily, after some struggling, I managed to open and sniff all 5 of the little Diors, they all smell as they should (isn't that lucky). some of these will now be my executive perfumes, for times when I need all the executive attitude I can get, like tomorrow. back to work, back into the groove. groove on!

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