Monday, 17 October 2011

midnight in broad daylight

one of the things you can do on a date? yes, see a film. traditional, I know, but then - I like it old school. and my date with KBH had its movie. Midnight in Paris. Woody Allen. need I say more.... *sigh
lovely, exactly lovely it was. Allen's love affair with Paris is not unlike my affair(s) with KBH. and don't we all recognize this search for the perfect place, the golden time and a long forgotten diary that holds all the answers to the questions we haven't asked yet.  we all know this  obnoxious guy who knows everything. and perplex situations, dear me, are we ever in want of those? but despite all that we still see what life is really about - laughter, champagne and la belle époque of now.

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  1. I love woody allen! he's amazing! Thank you so much for taking my survey and for letting me know about your blog :)