Friday, 19 August 2011

seen here
Information overload today (do I still have to call it "information" if it's just a load of crap?) the picture speaks for itself, and yes, even goddesses sometimes use the BS word. 
I didn't mean to be bitter or cranky or ungrateful today, but some of my frustration has to get out somehow. besides, the kitty is adorable. I wish I could remain so resolutely disdainful when I feel cluttered by all the bullshit one sometimes has to take. maybe I will make this a flashcard for truly bs-overload situations, who knows.
anyhow, the weekend is here, and I have longed for it so. to tell the truth, I don't feel poetic or exciting today, just tired, with  acrylic paint on my fingers and a bunch of practical decisions to be made. rather mundane really. yet surprisingly content and slightly determined.
no deep thoughts today, just chillin'.

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