Tuesday, 23 August 2011

keep the rhythm

Today as I was sitting in the t-bus (or troll, as I say), and it accelerated from the stop just to halt again before a red light, I gazed out of the window, aimlessly. The radio was on, quite loudly and I noticed a passer by, a young woman, whose steps coincided exactly with the beat of the rather common song on the radio. and I felt like witnessing something special, like discovering a secret that last only for a moment and then is gone. her steps were made for this song and the song was tailored and timed so perfectly to her steps. yet she didn't hear the radio. and the driver had most probably not seen her on the pavement. and it doesn't matter that all this can be calculated and demistified in a most rational way. for that little moment I felt that there is always a song that matches our footsteps, even if we don't hear it, it is playing somewhere and or feet know it. and the song knows that somewhere we walk, strut, shuffle and prance its rhythm.

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