Thursday, 28 June 2012


there's always a first time. my first visit to a raw food restaurant - the only raw food restaurant in Riga (as far as I know). it was.... interesting. and "interesting" is not entirely a camouflaged "inedible" this time. on the side of friendly catch up chat I had a gazpacho. I expected something red ant tomato-loaded. it was green. a cucumber mush with a sprinkle of sun dried tomatoes, walnuts and some cut up vegetables - sad little pieces of cucumber and tomato. while the tomatoes and nuts lasted it was quite ok, but the green ... should I say "soup".... on its own - not my cup of tea. the bread (dried, not baked) was rather tasty, and the dessert was surprisingly delicious - cold, sweet, with mango slices. mmm. that I could actually order again some time. if I ever go there again that is.

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